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Our administration team is the powerhouse for the backend operations here at Crosstown. They oversee a multitude of aspects such as recruitment, onboarding, employee satisfaction, project management, culture development events, as well as day-to-day office operations alongside the leadership team. They serve as business partners to the managers and CEO which helps to progress Crosstown forward and generate our culture further.

Administration: Our Powerhouse

Our current administration team consists of three members, Victoria, Mya, and Steph. Victoria and Mya (both featured in a previous article) have continued to grow within the company since then and were recently invited to attend a national conference in California. The National Recruitment Conference 2022 hosted around one hundred admin members from across the nation. It was the ultimate networking event where speakers gave insight into topics such as the landscape post-COVID-19 and the future of the organization. Seminars highlighted the importance of consistency, communication, good habits & routines as well as how to grow professionally.

Administration: Our Powerhouse

Victoria is currently on her way to being promoted and is focused on developing her mentorship ability to help train new members that join the administration team. When given the opportunity to attend the National Recruiting Conference this year in Newport Beach, CA, she was super excited. Victoria works remotely and being able to experience an in-person event in another state was a motivating and inspirational occasion. On top of that, this was Victoria's first time flying solo. It allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and experience newfound independence. After returning from the conference Victoria is working to apply what she learned at the meeting, taking on more responsibility in her role and continuing to develop herself as a mentor to others.

Mya also had a motivating experience at the conference. In fact, when speaking with Mya she mentioned that this was the most significant work event she has ever been a part of. Being able to combine forces with other partnering offices and have administration members from across the nation all in one room was extraordinary. By networking with others that had similar career progressions and backgrounds it was good to learn that she was connected to others. Moving forward Mya is focusing on expanding her team and developing stronger management skills so that she can be a better business partner to her organization. Her advice to anyone looking to step foot into administration at Crosstown is to have a student mindset, be open to learning, and not take feedback the wrong way. Constructive criticism is precisely that, feedback to help you move forward. Work hard and by going above and beyond, your efforts will be rewarded as well as your goals reached.

The newest member of the administration team is Steph (Stephanie Rodas Ochoa). Born and raised in Queens, NY Steph joins the team from retail. She had been with her previous company for five years and was not seeing the growth that was aligned with her professional goals. Steph branched out and has found herself an integral part of the Crosstown team as well as receiving mentorship from Mya.

Steph highlights that she joined the team due to the high-energy and friendly culture that Crosstown prides itself on. Steph has been enjoying her role as it has allowed her to step out of her comfort zone, push forward and continue to be one step closer to her goals. Steph's advice to others looking to follow in her path is to be open-minded, have a strong mentality, and be resilient.

Victoria, Mya, and Steph work closely as a team and have been able to progress themselves individually within their roles. They are each an integral part of the Crosstown team that help manage backend operations. For anyone interested in stepping into administration as a profession, this is a role that will help build your professional network, develop practical skills, and partner closely with managers and leaders.


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