Determination Drive and Forward Thinking Brings Success

Our core mission has always been to make a cross-sectoral impact through leadership, purpose, and performance with the aim of delivering the best customer experience. We opened our doors in Brooklyn in 2014, partnering with Verizon to focus on increasing their reach in the New York market, and achieved quick success as we expanded into Long Island City and Queens in 2016. Since first opening, we have opened offices in New Rochelle, New York, Orlando and Miami, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Maryland, and Delaware. The drive to continue growing and adapting to the current needs of our partners allowed us to keep setting our sights higher and maintain standards.

Continued growth and expansion have always been a motto — not only for Crosstown Solutions’ business objectives but, even more significantly, in terms of our clients. We have touched our market-leading status through the years because of our relentless focus on organic growth, distinctive marketing approach, and smart acquisitions.

In 2020, even during the COVID crisis, we expanded our partnerships to include Nestle Water, Start New Financial, and Pharmacy Wholesale Club, and that was just the beginning.

In June/July 2021, we expanded into the financial district in Manhattan and Jersey City locations. March 2022 saw us expand into Nashville, Tennessee, on the Verizon 5G campaign.

In 2023, we partnered with a new client, TruConnect. We also opened two new offices in Columbia, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2024 brings for Crosstown Solutions!

Crosstown Solutions


Personalized Results

Crosstown Solutions believes in assessing the different needs of each of our partners in order to tailor our approach to their specific goals. We enjoy working with many different types of brands across different industries, and our campaigns speak to the individual values and principles of each one. This approach keeps us on our toes and ensures that we bring our best to the table for every initiative. The determination to offer positive solutions that drive results for both our partners and their causes keeps the excitement alive and fosters continued growth in our Crosstown Solutions offices.

Behind the Scenes

Crosstown Solutions’ Driving Principles

Crosstown Solutions

Solid Methods

The way we approach our campaigns is truly the key to our success. We’ve developed repeatable strategies that can be modified to suit the individual needs of any industry and any brand.

Crosstown Solutions
Our marketing approach delivers proven results.

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