Crosstown Solutions

Determination Drive and Forward Thinking Brings Success

Our core mission has always been to make a cross-sectoral impact through leadership, purpose, and performance with the aim of delivering the best customer experience. We opened our doors in Brooklyn in 2014, partnering with Verizon to focus on increasing their reach in the New York market, and achieved quick success as we expanded into Long Island City and Queens in 2016.

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Ambitious people find big professional perks at our firm.

Crosstown Solutions is thriving. With success that grows by the day, we need ambitious people to join our team. Individuals with big career goals and positive attitudes are rewarded for their hard work here.


We drive lasting connections with innovation and a growth mind-set.

Marketing Approach Gets Results

Marketing Approach Gets Results

Crosstown Solutions’ innovative and dynamic outreach campaigns drive results. Our goal is always to provide exceptional outcomes through leadership and strategic business analysis. We’ve built a team that uses multifaceted methods that both acquire customers for our partners and enhance lives in the process.

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9 Years in Business #1 Verizon Sales Channel Proud Sponsor of Generations Nigeria 4 times Presidents Club Award winner 2 times Achievements Award winner