Adeyemi's Journey to Building Generational Wealth and Giving Back to the World

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Adeyemi is an NYC born & raised Nigerian American, with a passion for giving back to the world and building generational wealth. His mother, who immigrated from Nigeria to New York City has been a major influence on Adeyemi and this can be seen through the philanthropic tasks they do together often. He currently works in a leadership position at Crosstown, a company he joined after being contacted by their administration team during his time as an Instacart shopper. His journey to where he is today has been shaped by his upbringing, education, and experiences.

Growing up in New York with Nigerian parents, Adeyemi witnessed the struggles his mother faced as an immigrant in America. Seeing her persevere through those struggles taught him the importance of hard work and resilience. His love for computers led him to pursue a degree in Computer Science at Old Westbury University. While he initially wanted to work in IT, he later found his passion for being an entrepreneur and becoming his own boss. Upon graduation, Adeyemi has been focusing on finding the right profession and feels at home here at Crosstown.

After being recently promoted to leadership, his first experience in a leadership role was challenging, as he had doubts about his abilities. However, he was determined to succeed and drew inspiration from his Nigerian heritage. His mentor, Jarrad Nwameme reminded him that he is a Nigerian prince who could do anything with the right guidance and coaching. Since then, he has been training others to progress and loves seeing people grow toward a common goal, as they say, 'Teamwork makes the dream work.'

Adeyemi's Journey to Building Generational Wealth and Giving Back to the World

Adeyemi's ultimate goal is to build generational wealth and give back to the world. Philanthropy is a significant part of his life, and he wants to connect with his Nigerian roots by giving back to Africa. His mother's compassion for helping others has inspired him to volunteer and give back in any way he can. He has even organized events to help the homeless and plans to do more in the future. Recently Adeyemi, with the help of the Crosstown team, was able to organize a donation drive for a local homeless shelter where the team shopped for items to donate and food. They were able to directly deliver the items and see their efforts firsthand.

Adeyemi's Journey to Building Generational Wealth and Giving Back to the World

Through Crosstown and the help of his mentor Jarrad, together they Attended the New York Knicks charity event which was a turning point for Adeyemi. Seeing the Knick's Basketball alumni give back so generously motivated him to reach a similar level of financial success and give back on a similar scale. He believes that building wealth and giving back to society go hand in hand.

When asked for advice, Adeyemi emphasizes the importance of not reinventing the wheel and not missing out on opportunities. He advises people to seek guidance and support from those around them and to persevere through roadblocks. Adeyemi believes that failure is necessary to succeed and encourages people to aim high and quit at the top rather than the bottom. He believes that being oneself and being a decent human being is crucial in achieving success and making a positive impact on the world.

All in all, Adeyemi's journey to building generational wealth and giving back to the world has been shaped by his Nigerian heritage, education, and experiences. His passion for helping others has led him to volunteer and organize events, and he hopes to do more in the future. His advice to others is to seek guidance and support, persevere through challenges, and be themselves while striving for success. Adeyemi's story is a testament to the power of hard work, resilience, and compassion.


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