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Education and consistent learning opportunities are how one develops and grows both professionally and personally. Crosstown incorporates educational training, workshops, and seminars into its daily agenda. Crosstown explores a number of different topics, some related to the clients they work with and the development of marketing techniques, financial literacy, spending habits, professional development, and so on. From the perspective of management here at Crosstown, the common theme is that including education daily thereby increases motivation and the drive to learn and to develop both professionally and personally which in turn adds to the positive company culture. 

Crosstown, Education and Talent Management


So why does the company take time to focus on talent management? The CEO of Crosstown highlights that it is important to put time and effort into our team.  We want everyone to walk away at the end of the day as better people and more developed professionals.  Some recent areas of study have been workshops on saving and budgeting, credit 101, travel hacks, how businesses operate, business taxes, personal taxes, health and wellbeing, meditation and mindfulness, investing, and real estate. As you can see the topics discussed and promoted generate not only a better work-life balance but also a greater sense of development overall. 

How was Crosstown able to implement its educational workshops daily? Originally leadership implemented a Lunch & Learn event where team members could gather together and learn about a new topic while sharing a meal. This was an event that occurred on a monthly cadence however the feedback towards the event was so positive that leadership started incorporating more and more events.  “We expanded it to where we put down the sales & marketing books and dedicate 30-45 minutes every Wednesday to go over the said topic", stated Jarrad Nwameme, the CEO of Crosstown.  Eventually, everyone from the team was given the opportunity to present and run a workshop themselves which allowed the team to celebrate everyone's individual and unique perspectives. One team member, in particular, was a personal trainer outside of the office and presented on health & wellness. Another team member was savvy with investing and was able to lead a workshop on stocks and how to get investing yourself. The workshops are multifaceted and incorporate podcasts, audible excerpts, and youtube clips as well as traditional whiteboard teaching methods. 

Crosstown, Education and Talent Management


Crosstown values being innovative and creating a team culture to the point where they receive and review feedback from every educational opportunity presented in the hopes to continue to improve as needed. Already some team members have been able to apply what they have learned in workshops to their everyday life and see improvements.  Members who attended the Credit 101 workshop have even made it known that their credit scores have improved 30-50 points since taking the time to listen and implement what they learned that day. Management & Leadership generates ideas by brainstorming together about topics they wish they were taught in school or life and presenting them to the team in a public way.


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