Nashville Expansion: Starwood Innovations

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As we left off in a previous article, Shani Shand’s promotion to management meant a new Branch was formed known as Starwood Innovations. Starwood Innovations has made the big step towards expanding into new territory. Nashville, Tennessee has been identified as a fruitful location to lay foundations in, and the core team is excited and prepared to make this journey into new beginnings.

Nashville Expansion: Starwood Innovations

Emilio Suggs, Account Manager for Starwood Innovations originally started working with crosstown as a recent graduate looking to get his foot in the door in marketing. He felt that the opportunity would take him out of his comfort zone as well as allow him to develop into an entrepreneur with the hopes to one day run his own sports marketing company. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY Suggs states that he is excited for the opportunity to be part of the core team relocating to Nashville and assisting to get the company up and running in new territory. Although it is bittersweet as Suggs will be away from friends and family as well as the small things like a bodega on every corner, he is ready for the challenge of what lies ahead. Suggs also states that this will be his first time moving out of the family home and will be in a completely new environment so understands that what he has to do moving forward is work harder than ever and take on more of a managerial mindset. All in all, Emilio is looking forward to moving, adjusting to the culture in Tennessee, and moving towards his own personal goals of management and expansion.

Another core team member of Starwood innovations is Venus Platt. Venus comes from a background in retail working nights at the make-up megastore Sephora. After being laid off due to the pandemic she found herself seeking new opportunities with growth being her main selling point. Venus hopes to one day launch her own skincare line, a theater production company and dabble in real estate. Overall Venus is an entrepreneur who is a valued member of Starwood Innovations and will also be making the leap to Nashville, Tennessee alongside her coworkers. Venus has always lived in NYC - even attended NYU for college, so this will be the first time she has stepped out and made the transition to live and work in another state. Venus anticipates that there may be some personal challenges to overcome such as homesickness however is ready to experience new challenges and overcome them alongside the team. All in all, Venus is excited about the opportunity and cannot wait to learn and grow alongside a wonderful team and push forward to new heights.

Nashville Expansion: Starwood Innovations

The CEO of Starwood Innovations, Shani Shand, is incredibly grateful for her team and the close bond that they share. As a branch off of Crosstown Solutions, it’s all hands on deck and the management team is extremely supportive of the journey that Shani and her team are making. Stay tuned for an update as time goes by and Starwood innovations continue to grow. Nashville Expansion Team:


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