The Dynamic Journey of Lawrence DeOcampo: Ice Cream, Engineering, and Leadership!

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Meet Lawrence DeOcampo, the recent standout promotion at Crosstown Solutions. Getting promoted in only a month, Lawrence has taken the office by storm! Lawrence's journey from mechanical engineering at RIT to his current leadership role is proof of his exceptional qualities and determination.

One of his biggest motivations is his family. When Lawrence was in school, he was unsure about what career path to take, but his vision was clear- he aspired to bring his family’s business from the Philippines to the US. Lawrence’s father runs an ice cream shop in his hometown of Mindoro, Philippines. His passion for engineering intrigued him with the possibility- what if I created the machines for the business? This was the start to Lawrence’s academic career.

Lawrence's leadership journey blossomed with his role as the President of Lambda Phi Epsilon, where he took the lead in organizing multi-cultural events. This experience taught him the essence of leadership: guiding and inspiring others.

During his college years, Lawrence also decided to dive into internships, hoping to gain insights into the professional world. While he was working at his internship, he realized that his passion lies in the “big picture” and decided to pursue project management instead. However, dissatisfaction with how that company treated their employees motivated him to seek something more meaningful. Lawrence knew that regardless of the next opportunity he would pursue, he would prioritize a healthy and positive work environment. Ultimately, this motive is what led Lawrence to find Crosstown Solutions. He found a supportive and positive community at Crosstown Solutions, filling a void he had felt before.

Lawrence seamlessly transitioned from engineering to account management, leveraging his skills in Standard Procedures and Systems. His foundation in Mechanical Engineering allowed him to apply efficient systems to his current role. In account management, he utilizes his excel skills to organize production data and track personal goals.

Looking ahead, Lawrence's immediate goal is to deepen his understanding of leadership, maintain a student mentality, and learn more about the business. As a leader, Lawrence gains firsthand experience in managing a team and understanding the diverse dynamics within it. In a year, he envisions himself achieving branch management, working toward the long-term goal of saving money to afford a house for his parents.

Lawrence DeOcampo's journey is a remarkable blend of ambition, resilience, and adaptability. As he strides confidently towards his goals, Lawrence is not just a co-worker but a source of inspiration for the entire Crosstown Solutions team!


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