Unleashing Potential and Overcoming Adversity: The Journey of Ilana Perez

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Our administration team at Crosstown is the powerhouse of our organization. One team member who was recently promoted to a top administrative position in just a few months of joining the team is the epitome of resilience, persistence, and success. Ilana Perez, a resilient and determined individual originally from South America, embarked on a transformative journey that led her to the vibrant city of Queens in her childhood. Despite facing numerous challenges, Ilana's unwavering spirit and passion for personal and professional growth propelled her toward success. From exploring various career paths, including cosmetology and modeling, to enduring the trials of rebuilding her life in New York City, Ilana's story is one of resilience, perseverance, and ultimately finding her calling.

After returning to NYC to complete her education, Ilana embraced the responsibilities of motherhood and discovered her interest in the world of beauty. She dabbled in modeling, and her yearning for exploration took her on adventures around the globe. However, upon her return to New York City, she found herself grappling with immense challenges, strained family relationships, and the need to rebuild her life from scratch. Nevertheless, her determination remained steadfast. Through a fortuitous turn of events, Ilana found herself freelancing at a law firm while reestablishing connections with her family. These newfound relationships, including reconnection with her late father, were instrumental in her personal growth. As Ilana's career progressed, she started working with friends, even residing with them, until an unexpected upheaval displaced them due to the actions of their landlord.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen setbacks for Ilana, leading to the closure of her two struggling businesses. However, adversity often breeds innovation, and she discovered an opportunity in the realm of social media influencing. In 2019, the administrative team reached out to her, but she didn't pursue the opportunity at the time. However, in 2023, they once again approached her, which sparked her interest. In spite of a blizzard, Ilana demonstrated her commitment by attending the second in-person interview, ultimately leading to the creation of an administrative position at Crosstown, tailored to her unique skill set, ambition, and mindset. During the interview process, Ilana resonated with the team's energy, transparency, and ambitious mindset. She found the emphasis on entrepreneurship and mentorship programs, particularly appealing. Motivated by a desire to make her family proud and continue her professional growth, Ilana recognized that Crosstown offered a rare environment where personal and professional development were valued equally.

Ilana highlights the significance of the mentorship program at Crosstown, which prioritizes both early career and ongoing training. The organization's leaders genuinely care about the growth and development of their employees—a rare quality. She emphasizes the importance of accountability, learning from mistakes, and continuously improving. Through the support of her team and the development opportunities provided, Ilana gained valuable time management skills and overcame initial challenges. She emphasizes the positive and collaborative environment at Crosstown, where individuals are encouraged to embrace their strengths and support one another. When asked about advice for those applying to Crosstown, Ilana underscores the importance of cultural fit during the hiring process. Actively listening during phone interviews and understanding each candidate's unique qualities can lead to finding the ideal match. Furthermore, Ilana shares her enjoyment of team activities outside the office, fostering camaraderie and team spirit.

Beyond her role at Crosstown, Ilana's accomplishments extend to various domains. As an influencer, author on Amazon, and seasoned public relations professional, she leverages her diverse skill set to bring added value and push boundaries further.


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