Journey to Management: Joseph Martinez

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The foundation of our company is the ability to provide fast-track growth. Our most recent promotion of Joseph Martinez to Branch Manager highlights the speed of upward mobility within our organization, which is something that we are very proud to announce. Mr Martinez will lead our most recent client Nestle Water Ready Refresh in the exciting new market of Jersey City, NJ alongside the help of his team and guidance from the Upper-Level Management of Crosstown Solutions Inc.

The commencement of Joseph’s journey to management within our Organization started from a mere phone call in regards to an application that our Human Resources team had received. Joseph mentioned that the phone call was positive and professional and led to his further interest to schedule an interview with the Hiring Director and CEO of the company Jarrad Nwameme. A preliminary interview was organized and Joseph arrived on time at the scheduled appointment time.

Immediately upon arrival to the office, Mr. Martinez was able to network with the Senior level Branch Managers that were currently in the lobby area at that time. The conversation and company culture was immediately evident and felt. Joseph was excited to meet with Mr. Nwameme and discuss the position more in-depth.

Joseph Martinez came to us from a corporate sales background where his previous title was Sales Manager, where he worked exclusively with high-profile clientele. The conversation that occurred during the preliminary interview highlighted the rapid growth ability, the opportunity to surpass the ceiling and develop a larger network, all encompassed into a challenging and team-oriented environment. This was enough to make Joseph jump on the opportunity. “I was a good salesman and I took a risk and it paid off. I just had to trust in my ability to learn and work hard” stated Mr. Martinez when he was asked about why he took the leap and joined the Crosstown team as an entry-level Marketing & Sales Representative. In a few short Months, Joseph was able to learn the ins and outs of the company, apply his knowledge, and be promoted to Branch Manager while hitting set quotas with his team.

During the beginning stages of starting with the Crosstown team, Joseph reflects on his professional development; having company president Jarrad as his Mentor, as well as having access to an entire network of Successful Branch Managers and Senior level Executives, has given him the development he needs as they too have undertaken the Management Training Program and succeeded. Mr Matirnez also notes that he was trained by seasoned leaders from the beginning and therefore was able to pick up the tips and tricks of the trade, so he could also accomplish the same impressive results. “The role itself was fun. The training at the start was great and I learned a lot about the industry in a very short period of time.”

The biggest advantage to Joseph was the ability to gain knowledge from being surrounded by a myriad of people in successful roles, company-wide. They were able to help build his mentality and give him the right direction on how to improve quickly and effectively throughout the management training program. “Having access to upper-level management as well as a network of consultants and managers was great for my rapid development, as well as continued development as a professional, and now as a manager,” commented Joseph.

Moving forward, Joseph aims to provide his team with the same level of training that he was given so that they too can be successful in their roles and reach their goals. “I want to be able to provide a learning environment for all where both professional and personal growth is not only encouraged, but also highly valued.” Joseph highlights that company culture is also a defining factor for a sustainable office and will implement multiple strategies to ensure a dynamic and coherent work environment is available at all times for all.

In conclusion, Joseph Martinez’s journey to management was a formula of learning new information, applying it, and duplicating himself in others when there was a success. “If anyone thinks that what I was able to accomplish seems far-fetched, all it involved was taking what I learned and applying it. The systems are there, you don’t need to come and reinvent on the wheel, follow the structure, repeat and it’s that simple.”


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