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November 2nd, 2021 marks the second year anniversary of ECP being incorporated into business. Mark Pe, CEO of ECP, has been leading this company from the front since 2019 and gives insight into his journey over the past two years.

From November 2019 to November 2021 Mark highlights how he was able to step into a managerial role within Crosstown which led to the commencement and expansion of ECP Management. Mark highlights how he had to step outside of his comfort zone from his humble beginnings in the hospitality industry; bartending and serving, to now managing others and learning how to adapt to different people with different learning styles and backgrounds in a corporate setting. “Networking with others who were excelling in a management role and applying my newfound knowledge to my situation allowed me to develop and strengthen myself as a manager,” states Mark.

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Six months into business the COVID-19 pandemic hit and a curveball was thrown at all businesses across the world. Mark Pe was able to keep ECP not only afloat but also ventured into other businesses and continued to hire new employees throughout this time. At a time where many businesses were shutting down and employees were furloughed across the country, ECP was able to dip into their knowledge of how to provide essential services for their clients. With Mark Pe’s tunnel vision ECP was able to adapt and innovate. “Everything moved to a digital platform and I had to hit the restart button. I was leading my team from the front and fast forward to now, I have seen immense growth as well as being able to expand my team into new office locations,” highlights Mark. This time period in America is known as the great resignation and ECP was not immune to this fact. With the help of Crosstown CEO, Jarrad Nwamame, Mark was able to adapt as needed and continue to foster this business partnership.

How do you balance your personal and professional life as a CEO and Manager?

“Compartmentalize!” exclaims Mark. Mark had to learn to balance family life and Management life. He learned how to have effective conversations, how to be a good business partner, a good partner to his significant other, and a good father to his two young boys. Mark highlights that you need to be organized in all aspects of your life to keep this work-life balance.

Moving forward into the next two years Mark Pe has vowed to continue working hard, staying humble, and focusing on continuing to grow the organization as he will never stay content.

Mark says his drive for success comes from his innate desire to create a legacy for his family and provide opportunities that he was never given. Mark enjoyed being able to give back to the community and use his success with ECP to venture into other business ideas, volunteer within the community, and give back where possible. Mark Pe states that it's about being able to take the opportunity as well as create it.

ECP has continued to adapt to the many changes faced within this business and manage to stay on top. The projected growth of this company is phenomenal and we can’t wait to check back in two years from now.


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