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Since the shock wave of COVID-19 rolled through the nation, many offices that remain open have had to step up and increase health and safety procedures that adhere to the CDC guidelines. Employee health and happiness is of great importance to us here at Crosstown Solutions and we want to spotlight our very own Head of Sanitation & Office Maintenance; Mark Odom.

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Mr. Odom is the founder and CEO of MASAMA, a cleaning company formed from the legacy of his own family. His passion for upkeep and spatial hygiene was developed from a young age when he would watch his mother clean and maintain an organized household. Eventually, he developed a keen sense and discovered his very own innate ability to do the same. Coupling that with his entrepreneurial mindset Mark Odom was able to create MASAMA (an abbreviation of his name, his son’s, and his daughters’ name.)

Crosstown Solutions

Crosstown Solutions prides itself on being able to create a healthy work environment throughout this time and maintain our family-oriented company culture. Mr. Odom follows the CDC guidelines, NYC state guidelines and also abides by the stakeholder's wishes as well. Mr. Odom highlights that it is important to make sure that every person in the office is able to return home to their loved ones and not put anyone at risk. “It’s not just about your own personal hygiene but more so about the health of the Crosstown community and their family members.” Mr. Odom is also an integral part of the communication team and assists with delivering any health and safety updates to the office through a widespread online communication platform.

Crosstown Solutions

Mr. Odom is extremely thorough and goes the extra mile every day. Amongst the regular cleaning activities, Mark ensures that any commonly touched surface is sanitized and disinfected hourly including door handles, seats, tables, etc. Each conference room is thoroughly disinfected in between use so the environment is clean for the next meeting. If you leave a coffee mug on your desk you can be sure that Mark will go above and beyond to clean and return your item for you the very next morning. Not only is Mr. Odom extremely professional and exceeds all expectations, but he is also a friendly face in the office that takes an interest in each individual that comes through our doors.


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