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Internal growth and rapid progression is one of the focal points of our organization. Ms Shani Shand, recently promoted into management, was someone who stepped into this business and had the student mentality to apply herself, continuously learn and progress forward with the help of her support system internally and externally.

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Shani Shand was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago before moving to NYC. Prior to her role with the company Ms. Shand was working two jobs; one as a Post Production assistant at Bigfish Entertainment and the other; as a Customer Care Agent at American Airlines at LGA Airport (another industry that suffered severely due to COVID-19), all while being a fulltime mother. Immediately she started searching but was very picky with where she wanted to transition her skillset to. Shani was seeking growth and financial stability. Ms. Shand finally found what she was looking for here at Crosstown Solutions, and since then has never looked back.

How has your journey to management been?

“Quick!” Shani exclaims. “I had to overcome challenges that I had not anticipated and also had to overcome my fear of rejection.” Shani highlights that her ability to adapt and develop into a successful manager all came down to her student mentality and ability to apply what was being taught. “It’s exciting to be able to overcome new challenges daily and as long as you have a great student mentality you can excel in this organization”. Weekly Ms.Shand readjusts her personal and professional goals, game plans with the team, adheres to stringent organizational patterns, and looks towards the future.

How do you network and learn new skills?

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Shani makes a point to illuminate that the way this organization is set up, it is very easy to network with people in upper-level management or anyone who is finding success in any aspect important to the growth of her team. If you don't understand something, if someone is setting the pace more than you, all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask a question. Everyone is willing to give you the information and learn. “I was afraid of reaching out and interrupting people,” mentions Shani, “but within the organization is a team-oriented culture where ‘everyone eats’ and it's a win-win situation. Most people in a management role have a passion for people and everyone wants to see everyone succeed and exceed their goals.”

Team and team culture:

The team identity is one of shared passion and valued individuals that are embraced and come together to strive for a common goal. Shani takes immense pride in every member of her team and cares about each individual at every level. Respect and engagement is seen within the dynamic of the team, how they collaborate and interact daily. Shani states that she is “more of a mentor” and if someone comes to her for guidance she will help them to find the answers they need or if she does not have the answer, will go to lengths to find the answers for them.

Next steps:

Even though management is a milestone, a manager never stops progressing forward. As far as the next steps for Shani and her team, they are on the search for a new market to expand to that will allow the team to execute their skills. There's a focus on setting up the company financially and allowing everyone to reach a peak before expanding into new territory. Shani highlights that she is “learning to become a better person, a better partner and not just a boss. There’s a difference between delegating tasks and telling someone what to do. I would much rather help every individual within my time with their journeys as well as keeping in mind the common goal of the company.”


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