Client Spotlight: Inspire - A Better World Powered by Clean Energy.

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Climate change and awareness for sustainability have been rapidly increasing over the years. In an effort to combat the ever-growing carbon footprint that we leave as humans, clean energy companies are beginning to stand out as a way to help reduce carbon emissions and slow down the damaging effects of climate change. Here at Crosstown, we serve not only our for-profit clients but also serve our purpose-driven clients. In fact, our clean-energy client Inspire not only creates a clean energy experience but more so they are creating a clean energy movement.

Crosstown Solutions

Inspire is a clean energy service that helps supply your home with sustainably sourced wind-power energy. When you select to use Inspire as your supplier you are simply choosing to use clean energy instead of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels - which we know are detrimental to the earth. Inspire is the only clean energy company in the US that allows households to choose one-hundred-percent clean energy. Inspire is striving to make a clean energy movement that allows easy access to clean energy and helps strive towards a greener future together.

Crosstown Solutions

Crosstown was attracted to this client due to the passion for making a change and we wanted to get behind it. Inspire has chosen us as their prime vendor to help spread awareness and increase their customer acquisition. Our team is excited to spread the word and build its brand reputation.


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